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September 7, 2021

WHEREAS, Susan H. Cote is a long-standing member of Sanford’s municipal staff and is unfailingly
helpful, patient, and diligent in her duties and a wonderful resource for her colleagues and the residents of
the City of Sanford and the Village of Springvale; and

WHEREAS, Sue has gone above and beyond the call of duty this past 18 months, helping to keep Sanford’s
citizens safe while ensuring that they can continue to conduct their business during a pandemic; and

WHEREAS, Sue facilitated the swearing-in of our newest City Councilor and our new Mayor in the
unprecedented setting of an on-line Zoom meeting, and researched the new regulations and made sure
meticulous arrangements were in place to ensure the rules were correctly followed; and

WHEREAS, Sue coordinated and set up in-person absentee voting for the month leading up to the
November 2020 election, something Sanford has never done before; and

WHEREAS, Sue helped source, order and install a secure election drop-box outside of City Hall; made
sure all safety barriers and PPE were in place at polling places and safety guidance was followed; and
made sure her election workers were superbly trained; and

WHEREAS, Sue’s informational videos for those wishing to vote by absentee ballot in the 2020 election
ensured that the Citizens of Sanford were able to cast their ballots ahead of time and alleviated crowding
at polling places on Election Day; and

WHEREAS, Sue and her team had to process ballots from an unprecedented 72% voter turnout, yet
were still able to provide official election results in a very timely manner; and

WHEREAS, these extraordinary efforts were undertaken in addition to all of the regular duties of her
office, and while helping to guide confused and concerned citizens through the process of on-line completion
of forms and in-person navigation of safety procedures to be able to conduct their business; and

WHEREAS, all of this was done without any expectation of recognition or reward; and

WHEREAS, Sue has been and continues to be an extraordinary asset to this community;

Citizens of Sanford-Springvale does hereby extend our appreciation to City Clerk Sue Cote in recognition
of a job well done. Thank you!

For the City Council of the City of Sanford and Village of Springvale:

  • Anne-Marie Mastraccio, Mayor
  • Maura Herlihy, Deputy Mayor
  • Lucas Lanigan
  • Ayn Hanselmann
  • Robert Stackpole
  • Jonathan Martell
  • John Tuttle
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