About Us

Since the Sanford News ceased publication a few years ago, there has been no single source for news and information in our community. A city of 20,000+ people should have a news outlet, so we created the Sanford Springvale News in the summer of 2020. The SSN is the community’s source for all information including: 

  • City Council & other meeting summaries
  • Major happenings  
  • Business news
  • School news 
  • Events and activities
  • And much more! 

The Sanford Springvale News is a free, nonpartisan publication, and support from the community is vital for its survival. We need your help to keep it going! There are advertising opportunities available, and donations are accepted as well to help the publication survive and grow.  

We currently distribute 1,200 paper copies to stores and other locations across Sanford and Springvale. A printable version with color photos and ads is available to download and print from our website. We have over 800 subscribers to the e-newsletter that goes out weekly. Our Facebook presence is also growing rapidly, as well as our website traffic.  

Would you like to help support our publication? Here’s how: 

  1. Advertise with us: check out our rates page and give us a call to get started. Your ad will be in the paper, the printable publication, e-newsletter and website.  Visit our Ad Rates page for more info.
  2. Donation: We accept donations to help support our work, add more news, and increase distribution. You can donate by Paypal, debit or credit card using this button, or mail a check to Sanford Springvale News, PO Box 553, Springvale ME 04083.

We are also looking for ways to improve this publication, so if you would like to join our team, please let us know. Anything you can do to help keep the news and information flowing to the residents of Sanford and Springvale, whether it’s submitting articles, taking photos, or just helping to share community events news, would be greatly appreciated.

Who Are We?

Zendelle Bouchard is the SSN’s Editor and Publisher. She writes most of the content, and edits submissions and press releases for publication. She is a resident of Sanford, with a background in publishing and writing about antique and vintage dolls. Email her at sanfordspringvalenews@outlook.com.

Dave Rude is our Associate Editor. He combs dozens of community websites and Facebook pages twice a week for news and information, and assists with editing and proofreading. He resides in Sanford, where he spoils his dog rotten. If you have news or events to share, email him at dave.rude@hotmail.com.