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Michael W. Termath

School Budget Passed – Termath Elected to City Council – McAdam will Face Lanigan for District 141 Seat

School Budget Referendum

Sanford and Springvale voters officially adopted the 2022/23 school budget on Tuesday, by a vote of 1,020 to 321. Almost as many voted to continue the school budget referendum process for another three years. The tally was 985 to 345.

City Council

Michael W. Termath has been elected to fill the vacant seat on the City Council left by the passing of John Tuttle, with 541 votes. Nathan Hitchcock got 441 votes and Dennis Woodruff 238. Mr. Termath is expected to join the Council at its next meeting on June 21, and will serve through the end of this year. The seat will be up for election again in November for the next three-year term.

Democratic Primary

In the only contested primary in our city, Jack McAdam bested Patty Kidder for the Democratic primary in the District 141 race for State Representative. In Sanford/Springvale, the vote was 125 to 70. The District-wide total was 208 to 139. (District 141 also includes the towns of Shapleigh and Newfield.) Mr. McAdam will face Republican Lucas Lanigan in the general election in November. Both men are well-known and very involved in the community, so it should be an interesting race.


Our city has a total of 15,282 registered voters. 1,363, or 8.9%, cast ballots in the school budget referendum, and 1,362 voted in the City Council election. Just over 80% of those who voted went to the polls in person, while 20% voted absentee.

There are 4,920 registered Democrats in Sanford. 642, or 13%, voted in their party’s primary. There are 4,007 registered Republicans here, and 544, or 13.5%, voted in their primary, although there were no contested races on that side.

If every Republican and Democrat who voted in the primary also filled out a school budget ballot, that means that of the remaining 6,355 voters in town (who are either registered as Green Independent or Unenrolled), only 177, or 2.78% bothered to cast a vote in the school budget referendum and City Council special election. The full official election results may be viewed here.

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