July 14 Republican Primary Election Results

796 total ballots cast (545 in person + 251 absentee). Approximately 22% of registered Republicans voted.

Bold = Winner * = incumbent

US Senator

Susan Margaret Collins*694
Amy Colter (Declared Write-In)6

US Representative, District 1

Jay T. Allen630

State Senator, District 33 (Sanford/Springvale + other communities)

David C. Woodsome*720

State Representative, District 4 (part of Sanford Ward 3 + other communities)

Peter E. Tranchemontagne161

State Representative, District 18 (Sanford Ward 2 + part of Ward 1)

Pamela D. Buck233

State Representative, District 19 (Springvale + part of Sanford Ward 3)

Matthew A. Harrington*320

Register of Probate, York County

Carol J. Lovejoy*700

County Commissioner, York District 4

Donna L. Ring695

Complete election results are available on the City of Sanford’s website here.