Arrests & Summonses August 29 – September 4

Sunday, August 29, a shoplifting call to a Main St. location resulted in a summons being issued to a 40-year-old Sanford resident for theft. Summonses were also issued for motor vehicle stops on Cottage St., and at the intersection of Main St. and Renaissance Way.

On Monday, August 30, Sanford Police made an arrest while assisting another agency to a Main St. address in Springvale. A 57-year-old resident of Wilmington, MA, was taken into custody on a warrant. Another arrest on an outstanding warrant was made on Main St. in Sanford, with a 42-year-old Sanford resident being detained. An arrest was made following a motor vehicle stop at Railroad Ave. and Emard Ln., no details given. Several other motor vehicle stops that day resulted in summonses issued.

Tuesday, the 31st, a 37-year-old Sanford resident was summonsed for criminal mischief following a vandalism complaint on Gerrish Dr. A 41-year-old resident of Gray was taken into custody on June St. on a warrant. A report of shoplifting on Main St. led to a 43-year-old Sanford resident being summonsed for theft. A 29-year-old Sanford resident was arrested on Main St. on a theft charge, as well as an outstanding warrant. An arrest was made on Lawrence St. in Springvale, following a report of larceny/forgery/fraud, no details given. The traffic detail issued four summonses that day, with a focus on Twombley Rd.

On Wednesday, September 1, a 21-year-old Springvale resident was arrested for violating condition of release, following a disturbance call to Riverbank Ct.

On Thursday, September 2, two officers responded to a domestic disturbance on Main St., which led to the arrest of a 41-year-old Sanford resident on charges of domestic violence of assault and refusing to submit to arrest or detention. During the scuffle, the suspect’s dog bit Officer Sayre in the lower leg multiple times. Officer Sayre suffered minor injuries and was seen at Goodall E.R., but returned to work. The Animal Control Officer is now investigating because the dog was not up to date on rabies shots.

Another arrest was made that day while Sanford Police assisted another agency to a call on Main St., no details given. Also on Thursday, five motor vehicle stops resulted in summonses, including one to an 18-year-old Springvale resident for misuse of identification.

Friday, September 3, a 30-year-old Lyman resident was arrested when Sanford Police came to a Main St. address to serve a warrant. A report of larceny/forgery/fraud on High St. led to a 29-year-old Sanford resident being summonsed for theft, as well as three counts of violatimg conditions of release. A summons was also issued to a 66-year-old Sanford resident following a motor vehicle stop on Main St., for failure to register vehicle more than 150 days.

In the early hours of Saturday, September 4, officers responding to a domestic disturbance on Main St. took a 25-year-old Rumford resident into custody for domestic violence assault. That night, another domestic disturbance resulted in a 44-year-old Sanford resident being arrested on a warrant. A complaint on Marginal Way in Springvale led to a 25-year-old taken into custody on a warrant. An arrest was also made that day while assisting another agency to a Main St. address, no details given. 8 summonses were issued on motor vehicle stops, mostly on Main St.

This digest includes just a few of the calls Sanford Police responded to on these dates. The complete police logs, with names and addresses of those arrested and summonsed, can be viewed and downloaded on the city’s website here: