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Back row, L to R: Joe Wilber, Alex DeLorge, Dan MacInnis, Sam Norford. Front row, L to R: Tobey Mancisidor, Issiac Hooper, Larry Fournier, Mitch Vildavs.

Eight new recruits have recently joined the Sanford Fire Department, two in new positions and six replacements. Some are local and some will be moving to the area from away. Experience levels range from relatively new to the industry, to five years on another professional department. One is an EMT-Advanced, one is in paramedic school, and the rest are EMT-Basics.  The recruits have spent their first two weeks learning and bonding with each other and the current firefighters. See photos below of their recent training exercises.

Rapid Intervention Team training. Using theatrical smoke, they had the recruits enter a low visibility area to rescue a downed person.
This is what the room looked like on the inside.
These are called entanglement tunnels, which allow recruits to practice navigating in a tight space.
Practicing window bail-outs.
One day, truck operations training was interrupted by a chimney fire. They were able to put the lessons into a true life scenario; parking, avoiding wires, working from the bucket and the roof, etc.
Practicing with aerial devices in the mill yard.
The kitchen/dining/living/training room is getting a bit crowded.
On the final day of orientation, the recruits spent the morning at the Y practicing water rescue, and the afternoon at Chandler’s Automotive doing vehicle extrication.

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