Water District Trustee Candidates: Shawn Parker

On November 2, Sanford/Springvale voters will elect one Water District Trustee to a three-year term. The candidates are Melissa Alipalo, John Cochin, Jr. (incumbent), and Shawn Parker.

Shawn Parker has lived in Sanford for 24 years. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern Maine, and has extensive experience as both a laborer and supervisor in the fields of excavation and utilities installation. He has worked in the private sector, as well as in municipal and federal government positions, and has run his own business.

He has been a longtime supporter of youth athletics, volunteering in Sanford’s various athletic organizations. He has, through the years, coached football, basketball, baseball and softball for the SSYAA and Sanford Little League.

Mr. Parker was employed by the Sanford Water District for 13 years, at which time he possessed a class IV Water Distribution Operator’s license, the highest attainable level. He feels he has the knowledge and understanding of the day-to-day operations and requirements that drive the progress of the publicly-owned utility.

He believes his varied experience and inherent knowledge of the internal operations of the Sanford Water District would prove to be a valuable asset in the facilitation and direction of the utility. “Through both transparency and fiscal responsibility, I could serve as an integral cog in the utility’s progress through the pandemic and into the future.”

Mr. Parker adds that his knowledge, youth and enthusiasm would serve rate-payers well, ensuring both affordable and fair rates for years to come.