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Traffic Enforcement Report and Update: November 2023

Photo: City of Sanford

By Jordan Wilson, City of Sanford Communications Coordinator   

The following report was presented to the Public Safety Subcommittee on Tuesday, November 14th.  Reports are submitted every three months when the traffic post assignment is transferred from one officer to another. The off-going officer is responsible for generating the report. 

Enforcement Activities: 

  • Total Traffic Stops: 766 
  • Summonses Issued: 
    • Written Warnings: 134 
    • Verbal Warnings: 524 
    • Violation Summonses: 63 
    • Arrests: 45 

Top Contributing Violations: Analysis reveals that speeding and inspection violations were the top contributors to the overall number of stops. 

Breakdown of High-Offender Areas: Approximately 70% of total stops were concentrated in the following areas: 

  • Cottage Street: 40 stops 
  • High Street: 20 stops 
  • Lebanon Street: 73 stops 
  • Main Street (Sanford): 309 stops 
  • Main Street (Springvale): 70 stops 
  • Twombley Road: 20 stops 

Addressing Citizen Complaints: A total of 228 BOLO (be on the lookout) motorist driving complaints were reported, with 145 BOLO complaints occurring within the city borders. 

Signage and Infrastructure Challenges: Several areas were identified as lacking proper traffic and speed signage, including near the intersection of Grammar Street & High Street and Main Street Northbound near Airport Road. Discussions have been initiated with relevant departments and agencies. 

Crosswalk Visibility Report: Traffic Officers recommended high-visibility signs at specific crosswalks, including Main Street & Berwick Road and Main Street & Goodrich Avenue. Additionally, a potential pedestrian traffic study was suggested along Main Street from Hannaford to Jerry’s Market due to evolving business landscapes. 

Accident Coverage: The Traffic Officer handled 51 motor vehicle crashes during the reporting period, while other patrol officers handled an additional 214 incidents. The total number of accidents in Sanford/Springvale stood at 265. 

Effective Use of Electronic Speed Signs: Strategic placement of electronic speed signs at locations such as Main Street @ Westview Drive, School Street @ Rushton Street, Grammar Road @ Grammar Street and Old Mill Road  has proven effective. Notably, the sign on Old Mill Road recorded a max speed of 67mph, prompting heightened awareness in the area. 

Safe Streets for All Survey: This report underscores the Traffic Enforcement Unit’s commitment to ensuring the safety of our community on the road. If residents have roadway safety concerns, they are invited to take the Safe Streets for All Survey. Community feedback, combined with high-crash location data, will contribute to the development of a ‘safety action plan.’ After the safety action plan is complete, the city becomes eligible for federal implementation grants for specific projects. Let’s work together towards reducing or eliminating injuries and fatalities from traffic accidents! You can access the survey here.

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