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The Sanford International Film Festival is Back!

It’s been a long wait, but the 7th Sanford International Film Festival is set to debut. All the films will be free and virtual, with videos streaming on WSSR-TV’s YouTube channel and Facebook pages. The Festival takes place over three consecutive nights, beginning Thursday, April 29.

Thursday: The first block of films begins at 8:00 p.m. Bully, a five minute movie from India, kicks off the festival. The last two films in this first stream are for ages 13+. The second block continues with more 13+ films. In Purgatorio, an SS Nazi Officer with an injured head has been found by a Jewish woman in the middle of nowhere. He revives, but with no memory of his past or of his identity. He sets out to build himself a new life, but the past inevitably catches up with him. The adult block begins at 11:00 and includes Your Dog Likes Me More Than You, about a Brooklyn dog walker and aspiring writer struggling with mental illness and impending homelessness.

Friday: The first block of the night once again begins at 8:00 with all-ages films. In the German film Patrick is Outside, a young woman visits her in-laws with her boyfriend, only to discover that there is a dark family secret that has to do with her boyfriend’s disowned brother. The first block concludes with four 13+ films, including Mars Colony, about a troubled teenager dreaming of a better life on the red planet. The adult block begins at 10:15 with the US film White Wolf Zombie Killer.

Saturday: SIFF’s last night of programming begins at 7:00 p.m. with a block of all ages and 13+ films. In Darling Pet Monkey, based on a true story, two young brothers order a monkey from an ad in the back of a monster magazine. After the postal carrier delivers the box, things get weird. The Festival concludes with an adult block of films beginning at 9:00. In Ice Patrol, a full-length feature by director Adam Newman, the Winthorpe siblings, struggling to keep the family home, take in a woman on the run who has recently come into a large sum of money under mysterious circumstances.

The full YouTube playlist is here:–7QxJI2P-dnGBDW9HH3

The schedule with details about each film is here:

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