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by Matt Peterman, Sanford High School Principal

Congratulations to our December 2020 award winners!! 

The SPARTAN PRIDE AWARD is given to students to recognize achievements that may go unnoticed. We’re looking to celebrate successes outside the normal school day, students who are heavily involved in the school, students who demonstrate outstanding leadership and/or character.

Brian Lambert, Andrew Blanchard, Camille Alipalo

STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: Teachers may choose one student they’d like to recognize for their success in the classroom.  Success doesn’t necessarily mean the student who has the highest grade(s). It could be a student who has made significant gains with respect to their effort or behavior.   For December, we recognize:

Jessica Armstrong, Nathan Ghedoni, Korey Cunningham, RJ Whelan, Julia Czajkowski, Jorja Bugbee, Kaydence Chartier, Nicholas Quade, Austin Weyland, Tanner McCann, Brady Taylor, Jullian Mitchell, Patrick Powell

The HIGH FIVE AWARD is a staff nominated award given to students who they have seen lending a hand to others, doing a good deed, working in the community. High five awards should be acts of kindness that are either out of the ordinary or to recognize students that are consistently helping others.   The award winners are:

Brendan Khiev, Alec Mercer, Tyler Lebeuf, Kyle Evans, Colin Carpenter, Kyle Nickerson, Jaylyn Bartolome, Matthew Cote, Cayla Gwilt, Isaac Webber, Aliyah Engram, Craig Grant, Grace Davie, Magen Letourneau, Anthony Signore, Daylin Soule, Ryleigh Kimball, Jameson Hanson, Garrett Lee, Valerie Randall, Cameren Freitas, Lakota Stevens, Hailey Tarbox

Lastly, our STAFF MEMBERS OF THE MONTH – Students and staff can nominate staff members that they feel should be recognized for their efforts in and out of the classroom. Staff are doing great things in the building, after school, and in the community every day and should also be recognized for their efforts.  We recognize the following staff members for December:

Joanne Bourassa, Louis Trott, Marilyn Welton, Jen Cote, Lisa Silva, Missy Baker, Nate Smith, Adam Soule, Stephanie Boissonneault, Traci Emory, Diane Hilton, Sarah Schnell, Brett Williams, Alaina Tomlinson

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