SCAE Student Spotlight: Wolfe Rasumaa, SCAE 2021 Graduate

Wolfe Rasumaa, a father of three, knows the hard work it takes to seize an opportunity and realize potential. Four months ago, fueled by a deep desire to be someone his family could look up to and to become more than just a product of his mistakes, Wolfe arrived at Sanford Community Adult Education to test his skills against the HiSET, or High School Equivalency Test (formerly known as the GED). Not only did he score “well prepared” on his pretests, he also scored in the “college ready” category on his official tests, the highest achievement possible.

Shortly thereafter he enrolled in the summer certified welding program, a collaborative offering between SCAE and York County Community College.  His welding instructor calls him a “star” student and believes he will be eligible for not just one nationally recognized welding certificate, but several.  Upon completion of the program, Wolfe plans to pursue a career in welding, possibly at Bath Iron Works.

Wolfe knows the power of transcending his greatest mistakes in pursuit of his dreams.  Two weeks before showing up on the doorstep of SCAE seeking his high school equivalency, he was released from incarceration. He proudly shared his personal journey at SCAE’s graduation ceremony on June 2nd: “I constantly found myself saying in the mirror, I just want to be somebody that my parents can be proud to call their son, that my children can be proud to call their dad. Sanford Community Adult Education restored all of that for me. It allowed me to have my confidence and my faith back. Now that I know I don’t have to be the product of my mistakes, the world is endless opportunities. It’s never too late to succeed, it’s never too late to improve your life. At the end of the day, education is the only thing that nobody can take from you.” With his faith, confidence, and purpose restored through the support of his family, friends, and the staff at SCAE, he is ready to face the future and all the doors that are now open to him.

What potentials within yourself are you ready to discover and realize? What doors to the future are you ready to open? Sanford Community Adult Education is ready to support your next steps through advising, HiSET preparation and high school diploma classes, college and career preparation, Adult Basic Education, English language acquisition, and computer skills. Reach out to Lisa at SCAE by calling 490-5145, texting 312-767-7223, or emailing They look forward to hearing from you!

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