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Anthony Flayhan on drums

Anthony Flayhan performed a spectacular drum solo at Sanford’s Got Talent
Photo Credit: Sanford Middle School

By Sam Bonsey, Sanford Schools Communication Coordinator

Sanford Middle School’s cafeteria was buzzing with excitement and anticipation on Thursday, March 7th, as students, teachers, and families gathered for the Sanford’s Got Talent 2024 show.

Organized by the school’s JMG program, the event showcased the talents of the school’s students in a variety of performances, including dance routines, vocal showcases, drum solos, ventriloquist acts, keyboard solos, and more.

The evening kicked off with an impressive array of performances, each demonstrating the creativity and skill of Sanford Middle School’s student body.

Congratulations to the following students who performed: Anthony Flayhan, Ziva Green, Shaneece Liscombe, Jaslinn Johnson, Kelsey Howard, Lyrie Westgate, Emma Higgins, Anna Held, Zoie Kraus, Kayleb McKinlay, Chloe Griffin, Madison Causer, Kaylee Kivlin, Arella Burnell, Aubrey Janosek, Natalie Nadeau, Claire Davie, Emma Beers, Kaelyn Gallant, Violet Kirven, Jeanna Robicheau, Kenna Robinson, and Ariana Young.

Volunteer judges Ms. Allen, Mr. Sanborn, Mrs. Brown, Ms. Farley, and Ms. Scarano lent their expertise to the event, providing valuable feedback and helping to select the evening’s performers.

An awards ceremony was held to recognize the outstanding performances of several students. In fourth place with a killer drum solo – Anthony Flayhan; in third place, with a self-choreographed dance to “Timber” – Natalie Nadeau and Aubrey Janousek; in second place, singing “Never Enough,” – Claire Davie; and, Sanford’s Got Talent 2024 winners – Ariana Young and Kenna Robinson performing “A Cover is Not a Book!”

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