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Friday, November 27

TimeLocationCall ReasonAction
12:33aMain St.Larceny/Forgery/FraudReport taken
6:53aShaws Ridge Rd.M/V accident – property damageReport taken
9:05aElm St. SpringvaleDomestic disturbanceServices rendered
9:38aMain St.ComplaintInvestigated
9:45aMain St.Medical Emergency – w/SFD, EMSReport taken
10:05aLebanon St.Terrorizing/ThreateningReport taken
11:16aTwombley & Mount Hope Rds.M/V accident – property damageReport taken
11:42aCountry Club & Country Club #3 Rds.M/V accident – w/SFD, EMSReport taken
12:15pWinter St.Emotionally disturbed personInvestigated
12:56pRiver St.M/V accident – w/SFD, EMSReport taken
2:01pHarding St.Domestic disturbanceInvestigated
4:04pMain St.M/V complaint – DTE/OUI/ATVInvestigated
5:49pCottage St. & Shaws Ridge Rd.M/V stopWarning issued
5:52pShaws Ridge Rd. SpringvaleM/V stopWarning issued
5:59pLebanon & Middle Sts.M/V stopWarning issued
6:05pChurch St.Burglary (B&E) PastReport taken
7:46pShaw St.DisturbanceInvestigated
8:24pElm St. SpringvaleDisturbanceInvestigated

Saturday, November 28

TimeLocationCall ReasonAction
1:15aLenox St.Assist other agency – PoliceServices rendered
2:16aLenox St.ComplaintWarning issued
11:20aSchool & Washington Sts.M/V stopWarning issued
12:14pHigh & Oak Forest Sts.M/V stopWarning issued
12:39pMain St.Burglary of a motor vehicleReport taken
3:02pBennett St.Domestic disturbanceArrested Ian Blow of Sanford: violating condition of release
3:24pManor Cir.Burglary (B&E) PastServices rendered
3:54pManor Cir.Larceny/Forgery/FraudReport taken
4:59pCountry Club Rd.M/V stopWarning issued
6:13pJellerson Rd.Harassment by phoneWarning issued
7:22pManor Cir.Larceny/Forgery/FraudReport taken
9:09pMain St.Emotionally disturbed personInvestigated

Sunday, November 29

TimeLocationCall ReasonAction
5:30aWashington St.Burglar alarmInvestigated
8:50aManor Cir.Burglary (B&E) PastReport taken
9:41aHigh St.Larceny/Forgery/FraudReport taken
9:41aFarview Dr.Burglary of a motor vehicleReport taken
9:48aFarview Dr.Burglary of a motor vehicleReport taken
9:51aDorrington Ave.ComplaintServices rendered
9:54aFarview Dr.Burglary of a motor vehicleReport taken
9:54aJune St.M/V accident – property damageReport taken
9:54aOak & Roosevelt Sts. SpringvaleM/V stopInvestigated
10:17aMayflower Dr.Medical emergency- w/SFD, EMSTransported to hospital
10:34aFarview Dr.Burglary of a motor vehicleReport taken
10:37aLebanon St.M/V stopWarning issued
10:37aMain St.HarassmentServices rendered
11:05aWilson St.Burglary in progressInvestigated
11:18aMain St.M/V accident – property damageReport taken
11:53aFarview Dr.Burglary of a motor vehicleReport taken
12:10pMain St.M/V complaint – DTE/OUI/ATVInvestigated
12:44pWillow Dr.Terrorizing/ThreateningInvestigated
2:00pJune St.Animal complaintServices rendered
2:04pMain St.M/V accident – property damageReport taken
2:06pMain St.DisturbanceServices rendered
2:27pMain St.M/V complaint – DTE/OUI/ATVArrested Jessica Duplissis of Auburn, ME: warrant, fugitive from justice
3:03pMain St. & Airport Rd.M/V stopWarning issued
3:21punknownCivil complaintServices rendered
5:10pOxford St.Domestic disturbanceArrested Scott Dennis Berry of Sanford: domestic violence assault
8:12pAllen St. SpringvaleDomestic disturbanceInvestigated
9:44pMain & Heidi Sts. SpringvaleM/V stopWarning issued
9:57pS Curve Rd. SpringvaleM/V stopWarning issued

Monday, November 30

TimeLocationCall ReasonAction
1:31aMain St.M/V complaint – DTE/OUI/ATVServices rendered
2:15aMain St.M/V stopWarning issued
4:21aPierce Ave.Terrorizing/ThreateningServices rendered
4:33aMain St.M/V stopNo action taken
4:59aManor Cir.Assisted other agency – PoliceAssisted other agency
8:24aFarview Dr.Burglary of a motor vehicleReport taken
11:20aMain St.Alarm, hold-upServices rendered
12:48pCountry Club Rd.Larceny/Forgery/FraudServices rendered
1:18pSchool St.M/V accident -property damageReport taken
1:28pMalden Ave.Animal complaintInvestigated
1:29pAllen St. SpringvaleHarassmentServices rendered
7:31pMilton Ave. & Main St.M/V stopWarning issued
8:17pMain St.Violation of protective orderReport taken
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