Sanford Police Log: November 16-18, 2020

Monday, November 16

TimeLocationCall ReasonAction
5:28aMain St.Burglary (B&E) – pastInvestigated
7:19aHigh St.M/V stopWarning issued
7:26aFisher Pond Rd.Assist other agency – policeServices rendered
8:34aSignal St.Assist SFD/EMS with medical emergencyTransported to hospital
8:42aSt. Ignatius St.Larceny/Forgery/FraudReport taken
9:20aBrook St.Civil complaintServices rendered
10:14aNason St.VandalismReport taken
10:22aLebanon St.Burglary (B&E) – pastReport taken
11:07aMain St.Harassment by phoneInvestigated
11:07aMain St.Drug incidentsServices rendered
11:30aTimber Ridge Ave.Larceny/Forgery/FraudInvestigated
11:39aBrook St.Burglary in progressServices rendered
12:06pRiver St.Larceny/Forgery/FraudInvestigated
12:39pHammond St.Animal complaintReport taken
1:05pOld Mill Rd.DisturbanceInvestigated
1:40pBrook St.Terrorizing/ThreateningServices rendered
3:31pHanson Ridge Rd.Animal complaintServices rendered
3:33pAlfred Rd. & High St.M/V stopSummons issued
4:21pCharles St.Larceny/Forgery/FraudReport Taken
5:10pPlaza Dr.HarassmentServices rendered
10:25pPlaza Dr.HarassmentServices rendered
10:29pJay Ln.Assist other agency – policeInvestigated
11:01pJackson St.Disturbance – w/ EMSReport Taken

Tuesday, November 17

TimeLocationCall ReasonAction
1:03aHigh St.M/V complaint – DTE, OUI, ATVInvestigated
7:45aMain St.Burglary of a motor vehicleReport taken
8:38aLebanon St.Larceny/Forgery/FraudReport taken
10:24aMain & Avon Sts.M/V stopWarning issued
12:43pRiver St.ShopliftingArrested Jamie D. Gochie of Sanford: theft by unauthorized taking or transfer
1:12pMain St.HarassmentReport taken
2:55pFront St.Domestic disturbanceInvestigated
3:03pBrook & Cottage Sts.Emotionally disturbed personServices rendered
4:30pAlfred & Old Post Rds.M/V accident – w/ SFDReport taken
5:24pMain St.M/V stopWarning issued
5:26pMain St. & Breary Ave.M/V stopWarning issued
5:45pMain St.M/V stopWarning issued
8:21pYvonne St.Violation of protective orderSummons issued
9:21pMerrill St.Juvenile runawayInvestigated
11:33pNew Dam Rd.DisturbanceServices rendered

Wednesday, November 18

TimeLocationCall ReasonAction
6:39aOak St.M/V stopSummons issued
8:39aMain St.Larceny/Forgery/FraudReport taken
9:16aMain & West Elm Sts.M/V stopWarning issued
9:39aMain St.Larceny/Forgery/FraudReport taken
9:55aCharles St.Medical emergency – w/ SFD/EMSReport taken
9:55aKennebunk Rd.Larceny/Forgery/FraudReport taken
11:02aMain St.Drug incidentsServices rendered
12:21pMain St.Larceny/Forgery/FraudReport taken
12:46pPine St.Terrorizing/ThreateningWarning issued
1:50pPioneer Ave. & Emery St.M/V accident – w/ SFD/EMSReport taken
2:53pMain St.Larceny/Forgery/FraudServices rendered
2:58pMain St.Sex offensesReport taken
3:18pAlfred Rd.M/V stopWarning issued
5:11pMain St.Larceny/Forgery/FraudReport taken
5:36pPleasant St.VandalismReport taken
6:48pMain St.M/V stopWarning issued
7:43pMain St.Violation of protective orderInvestigated
10:05pMain St.ComplaintServices rendered

Editor’s note: We omit 911 hangups and calls where no action was taken.