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Renaming of Duplicate Streets to Start with Sherburne St.

The City plans to begin addressing problems caused by streets in Sanford and Springvale that have duplicate or very similar names, starting with Sherburne St.

Code Enforcement Officer Jamie Cole told the Municipal Operations and Property Subcommittee on January 11 that a lot split on Sherburne St. in Sanford is creating two new dwelling units, and since the house numbering was done improperly last time, the entire street will have to be renumbered. He said this would be a good time to address the violation in the E911 system (caused by having another Sherburne St. in Springvale) by also changing the name of the Sanford street. E911, or Enhanced 911, is a system used in North America that automatically provides the caller’s location to 911 operators. It is vitally important in those emergencies when callers are unable to provide their address.

Deputy Mayor Maura Herlihy suggested September St., in keeping with May, June and July Sts. in the neighborhood. Councilor Becky Brink said residents should have input on the new name, and Ms. Herlihy and Mayor Anne-Marie Mastraccio agreed. A Zoom meeting will be scheduled, and residents who will be impacted will be invited to attend and give their suggestions on the new name. City Manager Steve Buck suggested the City’s Communications Coordinator could develop an info packet to help residents change addresses with the post office, credit card companies, etc.

All were agreed that this should be the start of renaming all the streets in the City that violate the E911 rules, such as Grammar St./Rd./Ave. and Berwick St./Ave., but that the process would move forward one street at a time. Mayor Mastraccio said it was important to make this change for public safety, so that ambulances go to the right house in an emergency, but that it would also solve problems with mail and package delivery, mortgages and other issues.

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