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A slide from the PowerPoint presentation on the proposed upgrades to Carpentier Park.

The City Council’s Municipal Operations and Property Subcommittee met October 11, 2022. The Subcommittee is comprised of Mayor Anne-Marie Mastraccio, Deputy Mayor Maura Herlihy and Councilor Becky Brink.

Holly Daze Parade: See separate story.

Mousam Way Loop Trail Update: Parks and Recreation Director Brady Lloyd presented a brief update on the Mousam Way Loop Trail behind Sanford High School. He is in the process of applying for the Shoreland Zoning permit. Once that is granted the project will go out to bid. It will be coordinated with the SHS Athletic Department so the work on the trail can be done when the cross-country team is not using it.

Carpentier Park Update: Mr. Lloyd told the Subcommittee he is awaiting the engineering survey which should be done any day. The funding to pay for upgrades to the park has been delayed because of a federal requirement that all materials must be made in the USA, but the notice of the funding award was finally received the previous week. He is working on bid specifications and has reached out to landscaping contractors about bidding.

The plan for the 3.8 acre park includes improved lighting, upgraded playground equipment, new plantings, and more accessible parking. A fence along High St. with improvements to the entries at High St. and Moulton Ct. are also planned. The centerpiece of the park will be a splash pad which is expected to get a lot of use.

The original plans for the park were expected to cost about $320,000, with the grant award paying for half and the City contributing the rest in matching funds. Deputy Mayor Herlihy said the engineer who drew up the draft site plan thought it would cost much more to do it all. Mr. Lloyd responded that he could see the project being done in multiple phases. Mayor Mastraccio said priorities would have to be set, and that after addressing security and some basic spruce-up, the priority should be the splash pad.

Arts Collaborative: Carrie Clock and Brett Williams of the Arts Collaborative of Sanford (ACS) joined the meeting to talk about their organization and present a proposal for a Memorandum of Agreement with the City. The ACS is a group of local artists, writers, photographers, performers, and business leaders, and also includes representation by a variety of organizations, including the Dance Studio of Maine South; Jazz Tappin’ Dance Academy; Nasson Little Theater; Sanford Art Association; Sanford Performing Arts Center; Springvale Public Library and Waban. They are requesting a partnership that would allow free use of City-owned property for festivals and events that promote and encourage the arts in Sanford, as well as coverage for these events under the City’s insurance policy. The group would like to host up to 12 events per year, in addition to a monthly art walk in spring through fall.

Ms. Clock, who is the person responsible for the art displayed in downtown store windows, said she tried to organize an art walk but no one she spoke to at City Hall could direct her to the appropriate place to get permission. Mr. Buck said details for events would have to be worked out with public safety officials and sanctioned by the Council, as the City would have to have control over events for insurance coverage to be provided. The Parks Department would have responsibility, with the ACS doing the actual work of running the event.

Dave Parent, a member of the ACS, agreed that these would be City events, but run by the organization. “We just want these events to happen,” he said. Subcommittee members all concurred that arts events should be encouraged and facilitated.

Mr. Buck said he would work on the MOA and insurance details. He will ask Mr. Lloyd to work with the ACS to define the type of events they are envisioning, and that public safety should be involved as well. Ms. Clock said the group would come up with a list of events to start planning for next year.

Paper Street: Mr. Houseal said it is imperative that the City decide one way or another about vacating its interest in the Coolidge St. extension that has been previously discussed. After some back-and-forth, there was consensus to move ahead with the process, which includes holding a public hearing.

Transfer Station Roll-Off Truck and Fire Department Vehicles: See the City Council meeting report.

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