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On Sunday, January 23, Sanford Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Charles St. During a motor vehicle stop later that day they arrested the suspect, a 31-year-old Sanford resident, on charges of domestic violence assault and violating condition of release. A disturbance on Bennett St. led to a 32-year old Sanford resident being taken into custody on a warrant.

Monday, January 24, officers dealt with six motor vehicle accidents. A report of vandalism on Kirk St. in Springvale was among the other calls that day.

On Tuesday, January 25, there were three more motor vehicle accidents. An animal complaint on Cross St. led to a 33-year-old Sanford resident being summons for keeping a dangerous dog, and not having a dog vaccinated for rabies. A burglary of a motor vehicle on Riverview St. was investigated.

Wednesday, January 26 was a busy day for traffic enforcement, with 19 stops and another four motor vehicle accidents. Disturbances on Lebanon St. and Amherst St., and a burglar alarm on New Dam Rd. were investigated.

On Thursday, January 27, a report of an assault on June St. resulted in a 22-year-old resident of Brighton, MA being summonsed for that crime. A burglary in progress was reported on North Ave. There were multiple shoplifting calls on Main St. and Cottage St., as well as three more accidents.

Friday, January 28, officers dealt with reports of a burglary of a motor vehicle on Country Club Rd. #1, a breaking and entering on Cross St., and two more motor vehicle accidents, among other calls.

In the early hours of Saturday, January 29, peace was restored following a disturbance on Lebanon St. Officers responded to a number of complaints and civil complaints in both Sanford and Springvale that day, but thankfully, no car accidents.

This digest includes just a few of the calls Sanford Police responded to on these dates. The complete police logs, with names and addresses of those arrested and summonsed, can be viewed and downloaded on the city’s website here:

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