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Cottage Street Proposal for a Multifamily Residential Building

Cottage Street proposal for a multifamily residential building

Credit: Sanford Planning Department

By Kendra Williams

Site Plan Review Committee Meeting Feb. 6, 2024

Cottage Street

An application for a minor site plan and minor subdivision at 37 Cottage St (formerly Black Sheep Archery and YCCAC) was reviewed. The proposal was for adaptive reuse of an existing commercial structure to create a nine-unit multifamily residential building with associated parking and site improvements. Two units would be in the basement with access from Davis Ave. and a second driveway, further from Cottage Street, would be closed off. The committee would rather they close off the driveway closest to Cottage Street.

No floor plan was presented to determine if the units met the minimum square footage requirements. There were a number of other issues including: snow storage, accessibility of trash bins, a dumpster, parking, drainage patterns and a five-foot-wide landscaped buffer between the building and parking. The committee voted to table the application in order to receive updated plans and information before sending it to the Planning Board.

Planning Board Meeting Wednesday Feb. 7, 2024

Design Review Ordinance

A public hearing was held on the new language concerning signs in the Design Review Ordinance. Currently any modifications to signs must go to the Design Review Committee for approval. The new language would allow for staff review and approval of signage as long as it constitutes a “minor modification” to signs previously approved and permitted at the same property. It also gives the planning director discretion to refer any proposal to Design Review Committee if there is concern that it may not be a “minor” modification, or that it may violate any ordinance standard which may have been changed or amended since the prior sign permits were issued.

Planner Erin Moriarty presented a color-coded ordinance that showed each of the city zones interspersed throughout the document which makes it difficult for applicants to focus on exactly what is required in each specific overlay zone. She proposed changes in the language to make it less confusing. Nobody spoke for or against the changes. The Planning Board voted unanimously to send the revised ordinance to the City Council for adoption. If they agree it will have to have two readings and a public hearing.

Site Plan Review Committee Meeting Feb. 20, 2024

Michael’s Place

The final application and site plan for a major subdivision and private way was considered. The plan is to develop a 10-lot residential subdivision on property located at the end of Guillemette Street and owned by Ash Cove Construction, LLC. (Tax Map G30, lots 16 and 16A)

The applicant will need to install sidewalks and address all concerns from the Sanford Water District. They will also need to show adequate snow storage areas within the subdivision

and provide the Department of Public Works with an adequate plan for a substitute snow storage area for the existing public portion of Guillemette Street. An updated stormwater management plan and a memo from the Sanford Fire Department indicating adequate access within the subdivision and proposed turnarounds is also required. The vote was unanimous to send it to the Planning Board.

Fletcher Farm

The final application for a major subdivision, major site plan and private way was reviewed. The plan is to develop five single family residences on property located on Jagger Mill Road (Tax Map R15, Lot 79A) owned by Patterson Companies, LLC.

The applicant needs to make some notations on the site plan and work with the fire chief to ensure that the city’s largest fire truck can get into the subdivision and out without having to back all the way out, which will require an acceptable hammer head turn. The retention pond will also be lined. The vote was unanimous to send it to the Planning Board

Chase Bank

An application for a minor site plan was submitted to demolish the existing vacant restaurant and construct a Chase Bank branch with a drive-thru ATM, associated parking and landscaping on property at 1252 Main Street (formerly Burger King). Access would be from Integrity Drive, owned by Mastoran Restaurants, Inc.

This was tabled at an Oct. 31, 2023 meeting. The applicant has moved the dumpster and transformer to allow for an adequate snow storage area. They will need to get the verbal approval for emergency access to city water that they received from the DPW in writing. It was passed unanimously.

Planning Board Meeting Wednesday Feb. 21, 2024

Lentago Landing on Sam Allen Road (Map R25, Lot 2B) was unanimously granted an extension.

Comprehensive Plan and Steering Committee Nominations

After some discussion, the names of Jace Clark, Lenny Horr and Jack McAdam will be forwarded to the City Council for approval.

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