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If you’ve noticed the new mural being painted on the wall across from Gateway Park, it’s a collaboration between Project CommUnity and Sanford Community Adult Education. The mural is 207 feet long and is the result of years of planning and design.

Ballots for the November 3 election have been received from the state, and absentee ballots have been mailed to the overseas, military and out-of-state residents who requested them. Absentee ballots will be sent to Sanford, Springvale, and other in-state residents who requested them on Monday. Want to know the status of your ballot? This website will tell you when your ballot has been mailed to you, whether it’s been received back at City Hall, and whether it’s been accepted or rejected.

The drop box for absentee ballots will be installed Friday, October 2, behind City Hall. It will be monitored by a security camera.

You can vote in-person absentee (also known as “early voting”) at City Hall beginning Monday, October 13. The City Clerk’s office will be open extra hours on Saturdays during this period to accommodate voters who can’t get there during the week.

Look for two new public service announcements featuring City Clerk Sue Cote coming soon. In one, she describes the process for registering to vote. In the other, she gives lots of information about the absentee voting process, and the different ways you can cast your vote. The city’s Voter Registration page has information too.

The city is investigating options to shelter the back door area at City Hall, so the door attendant can be there into the colder months, and people waiting to enter can be out of the weather.

An alarm panel on the second floor in a custodial closet of Sanford Middle School went off Tuesday afternoon at approximately 12:30 pm. All students and staff evacuated the building safely. The Sanford Fire Department responded on site immediately and determined it was safe for all to return into the building. School officials are working with contractors to identify the specific cause for the alarm.

The Trafton Center’s October schedule of activities is out now. For everyone’s safety, there are limits on the number of people allowed at each activity.

Have you seen the adorable water bottles being given to every Carl J. Lamb student by the PTA?

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