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More Cases of Covid-19 at York County Jail

The Covid-19 outbreak at the York County Jail in Alfred is now at 54 cases, of which 35 are inmates, 16 are corrections officers, 2 York County employees and 1 DHHS employee who works out of the building. They are still waiting on the results of about 85 more tests.

York County Sheriff William King told the Portland Press Herald today that, before the outbreak, masks were optional for inmates and corrections officers at the jail, but are now required.

Only two of the 35 inmates who have tested positive are showing symptoms at this point, but that number is likely to grow. Initially, all positive inmates were being held in the jail’s medical unit; but now a regular unit has been converted to house them.

The Jail is having difficulty covering all shifts, with so many officers out sick on top of existing vacancies. The union that represents them has asked for an additional $3.00 per hour in hazard pay, but was denied. Corrections officers are limited to 72 hours of work per week, but consideration is being given to raising that limit in certain instances.

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