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John “Jack” McAdam: Democratic Primary Candidate for State Representative, District 141

The two candidates running in the June 14, 2022, Democratic Party primary for State Representative, District 141, were asked to submit up to 300 words on their background and qualifications, and up to 500 words on their legislative priorities, and how they would work to achieve them if elected. District 141 includes most (but not all) of Springvale, and part of Sanford. See the map at the bottom of the page. The winner of the primary will face off against Republican Lucas Lanigan in the November general election. Go to for more information, or to request an absentee ballot.

I live in Springvale and co-own McDougal Orchards with my wife Ellen, who is the seventh generation on the property. We live in the farmhouse my wife grew up in.

For over 36 years I worked for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. For the first 32 years I sailed on Fisheries Research Vessels. I started as Second Mate and worked my way up to Captain. I was captain of the Delaware II and the Albatross IV. In 1989 we moved to Springvale so Ellen could join her Dad in the orchard.

In 2005 I was offered a shoreside position with NOAA with an an office at University of New Hampshire. I was an advocate for the civilian mariners on the 18 NOAA vessels. The vessels were home ported all over the country including Alaska and Hawaii.

In April of 2005 we purchased the first donut machine. This was the start of Captain Jack’s Donut Shack.

When I retired in 2009, I wanted to give back to the community. The list below illustrates my interests and that commitment.

  • Planning board and Site Plan Review Committee for 10 years.
  • Charter Review committee and Mineral Extraction Task Force.
  • Board of the Nasson Community Center.
  • Election Clerk and a Town Meeting member
  • President of the Wyman Point Road Association, a private road association on Balch Lake
  • Board of Balch Lake Improvement Association. Battling invasive milfoil.
  • Friends of Downtown.


  • Board of the Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets
  • Market Manager for the Sanford Farmers’ Market for 10 years
  • Board for Sanford Young Life as treasurer
  • Board of Partners for a Hunger Free York County
  • Board of Sanford Downtown Legacy

If I am elected I will work collaboratively with our locally elected officials in the best interests of the residents of my district. I will be responsive to the questions and needs of my constituents.

I will strive to protect our natural resources and make sure that the Governor’s “Maine Won’t Wait” (a four year plan for climate action) will be followed in the legislature. We have a 20KW solar array on the barn to help with electricity costs. We also converted our two diesel tractors and a RTV to use biodiesel. The used donut shortening goes back to the company to be turned into biodiesel.

We need to combat PFAS contamination in our environment and support UMaine Extension in their research regarding the types of crops that can be grown in contaminated soils.

It is important to ensure that Land for Maine’s Future has the funding it needs to protect farmland, forests and commercial waterfronts. Our property is a Forever Farm and can never be developed.

Food insecurity affects children, seniors and whole families and is also an issue very important to me. When we have a good apple crop Master Gardeners come in weekly to pick apples for various food pantries in York County. On Indigenous Peoples Day, our farm has a program “Pick for ME.” A customer gets 2 bags they fill both, pay for one bag and the other is a donation that goes to York County Shelter in Alfred. If we still have apples or winter squash left at the end of the season it goes to the Shelter. As the Sanford Farmers Market Manager, I brought access to SNAP/EBT (food stamps) to the market. We had grant money from Partners for Healthy Communities to give discounts to SNAP customers. This discount was replaced with Maine Harvest Bucks. This allowed more purchasing power to low income residents to purchase local fresh fruit and vegetables. We also received funds for Farm Fresh Food for Seniors. Each senior in the program had a $50 credit at the market for fresh fruits, vegetables and eggs.

The creation of good paying jobs, strengthening our technical centers and community colleges to train employees and hopefully attract more businesses to this district are also extremely important issues I will work on. Ellen and I are on the advisory committee for the horticulture program at Sanford Regional Technical Center. The students come here every winter to get a lesson in pruning apple trees and get to prune.

Finally, I also believe a woman’s reproductive health is between her and her physician and no one else except maybe her partner.

Jack McAdam

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