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Grand Opening for Frannie’s Mini Donuts

Frannie's Mini Donuts

by Hillary Swetz

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky as donut fans waited for a taste of Sanford’s newest business this past weekend. Frannie’s Mini Donuts hosted their grand opening on Saturday, July 18th, and were greeted by lines of people eager to welcome them. Jeff and Ayn Hanselmann, along with their three teenaged children, are the proud family hoping to bring local donuts back to Sanford – with a twist.

913 Main Street has been home to two other donut shops in the last ten years, but neither of Frannie’s predecessors focused on mini donuts. The Hanselmann family has learned from a Sanford mini donut expert however – Capt. Jack McAdam, co-owner of McDougal Orchards. McDougal’s has been selling cider donuts made from the orchard’s apple cider since 2005. 

“We won’t be selling any apple cider donuts down here though,” said Ayn Hanselmann while standing at Frannie’s quaint, antique cash register. “We’ll keep those at the shack.”

But the mini donut technique remains, and is apparently quite popular. At around 10 a.m., there were dozens of people braving the blazing sun, wearing masks and standing in a line that stretched down several storefronts.

The donuts aren’t the only thing that received a facelift, however. The shop itself has been repainted in a brilliant cerulean blue and grey color scheme, complete with a donut mural on the main wall. There’s a redesigned floor plan that opens up the space and adds a new bar of street-facing window seating. The shop is dotted with botanical accents and terrariums, plus two professional images of the business’ mascot.

Frannie, after all, isn’t the name of a person. Frannie is the Hanselmann family’s new pug, acquired this past March.

So what’s their best flavor? Strawberry cream, made from real Lavigne’s strawberries? What about Fruity Pebbles, peanut butter cup, or maple cream? The Hanselmanns plan to change the menu at least slightly every weekend (they’re open 7am-2pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), so how can you determine the best?

“Well, the coconut is my favorite,” Ayn said.

Based on the quickly emptying cases of donuts in their shop, it’s more than likely each one is good enough to be someone’s favorite.

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