Graffiti Spree Investigation Update

Sanford Police have identified the two suspects they believe are responsible for spraying graffiti on signs, fences, pavement and buildings in more than 30 locations across the city in the early hours of Monday, July 20. City property and private property alike were vandalized. In several locations graffiti was sprayed in multiple places.

The spree began with defacement of a Public Works Department sign at the corner of Rushton and High Streets, then continued down Rushton to School Street, up Emery, down Pioneer Avenue and around Number One Pond. The Chamber of Commerce Memorial near Gateway Park was among the sites tagged.

Detective Colleen Adams is in charge of the case and has spoken with both suspects, who are adults and have admitted to causing the damage while intoxicated. She said on Wednesday afternoon that the investigation is still “active and fluid” while all the evidence is being gathered and estimates for damage are being collected.

The charges filed will depend on the total monetary value of the damages. If total damages are under $2,000, it would be a misdemeanor; over $2,000 is a felony.