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Fire Department Update: September 2023

Photo: Assistant Chief Smith

By Jordan Wilson, City of Sanford Communications Coordinator

Staffing: The Fire Department recently completed its recruitment period. The three selected candidates will start “Rookie School” training as soon as possible. The program takes approximately three weeks and provides intensive training to prepare recruits for shift work. During their first year, the recruits will also complete all other new employee training requirements. Looking ahead, the department anticipates the need to recruit additional employees in the near future.

Promotion Testing: Six candidates successfully completed the rigorous lieutenant promotion testing, which included the following components:

  • Completion of the Lieutenant Handbook.
  • A written examination.
  • An oral board interview with local chiefs and officers.
  • A skills examination, also conducted by area chiefs and officers.
  • A final interview with the chief.

The eligibility list resulting from this process will remain valid for two years.

Equipment: The Fire Department has recently obtained a set of new extrication tools and equipment, which will be used to aid individuals trapped in vehicles or machinery (see photo).

Calls for service: During the month of August, the Sanford Fire Department responded to 392 calls for service. Here’s the call breakdown:

  • Rescue & emergency medical service- 281
  • False alarm & false call- 36
  • Service calls- 34
  • Hazardous condition (no fire)- 16
  • Good intent call- 16
  • Fires- 6
  • Overpressure rupture, explosion, overheat (no fire)- 1
  • Special incident type- 1

Fridays are the busiest days for the Sanford Fire Department, and 3 pm is the busiest time of day for the department.

New fire station: The City is creating a dedicated project page on Sanford Connects, its community engagement hub, to focus on the construction of new fire stations in the city. This page will provide a clear explanation of why these new stations are essential. Residents will have the opportunity to participate by taking surveys, asking questions, and engaging in discussions on this page.

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