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Fire Department Log: July 25 – August 7


On July 26, there was a fire, which was kept small and contained by the automatic sprinkler system, at a Main St. facility. The alarm system alerted 911 of a problem and the Department responded with multiple units.  There was water damage from the sprinklers, but the fire damage was kept to a minimum due to its limited growth and spread before firefighters arrived and extinguished it.

On August 1, Engine 1 responded to a small fire in a shed on Deering Neighborhood Rd., but it had gotten out of hand and the structure was consumed.

Other Incidents

On July 26, firefighters were called to what appeared to be large gasoline spill at the Irving Station on Main St. After investigation, it was determined to be a small amount of gasoline on the ground that mixed with water runoff from a roof discharge, making it appear to be a larger spill.

On August 5, the Department responded to a report of propane leaks in a building on Washington St. There were no injuries or other damage.

On July 26, firefighters responded to a report of unauthorized burning on Oak Ridge Rd., and on July 27, to another unauthorized burn on Emery St. There were also two reports of burning this week that turned out to be authorized.

Emergency Medical Services

In the early hours of July 25, EMS personnel transported a person to the hospital for evaluation following a motor vehicle / pedestrian accident in Springvale square.

On July 30, a car collided with the porch of a home on School St.  There were no injuries on scene but the Codes Department was called in to check for structural stability.

In the week ending July 31, there were 37 other EMS calls. Emergency personnel also responded to five motor vehicle accidents without injuries and assisted two invalids.

In the week ending August 7, there four motor vehicle accidents with injuries, all on Main St. In each incident, one person was transported to the hospital. There were 60 additional EMS calls, of which 27 required basic life support and 26 required advanced life support. 52 people were transported to the hospital. Five invalids were assisted during the week.

Public service

On July 26, the Department provided assistance to a resident whose smoke alarms went off every time she cooked. Firefighters went to the home and checked for trouble spots.  The Engine crew discussed the situation with her and made some recommendations to help prevent the alarm from being a nuisance.

Also on the 26th, a Brook St. resident reported a smell of burning material. Upon investigation it was determined to be a plant with a very pungent odor.


During this two-week period, there were six calls dispatched and then cancelled en route. Six other calls resulted in no incident found upon arrival. There were twelve calls due to unintentional or malfuctioning smoke detectors or alarm systems.

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