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Sanford firefighters work to safety extricate the driver at the accident scene at Cottage and Lafayette Sts. Photo by Terry Jellerson.

There were no fires this week.

Other Incidents

Sanford firefighters responded to a small gasoline spill in a driveway, and an electrical wiring problem. The Department also dealt with two unpermitted outside fires. Two reports of smoke odor were investigated. Firefighters also responded to a tree down across a road, which was not impacting any power lines.

Emergency Medical Services

On Sunday, August 15, four SFD units responded to a one-car accident with a telephone pole at the intersection of Cottage and Lafayette Sts. The vehicle was resting against a tree above a steep embankment. Crews used air bags, cables, and hydraulic tools to stabilize the vehicle and extricate the patient. The patient received basic life support and was transported to the hospital.

There were 58 additional calls during the week for emergency medical services. In total, 17 patients received first aid, 27 received basic life support and 21 received advanced life support. (Some patients got more than one service). 43 were transported to the hospital.

The Department also responded to three motor vehicle accidents without injuries, and provided assistance to one invalid.


There were four incidents of smoke detector or alarm activation that were either unintentional or due to a malfunction. Two calls were dispatched and cancelled en route.

The vehicle was extensively damaged in the accident. Photo by Terry Jellerson.

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