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Drought Update for the Sanford Water District

Water Quality Operator Steve Gouin checking water levels at one of the Sanford Water District's observation wells.

Press Release

Despite Southern Maine’s current dry spell, the water supplies for the Sanford Water District have not been negatively impacted. All of the District’s sources are maintaining water levels within the expected range for this time of year.

Some water utilities in nearby communities utilize surface water supplies, which are far more vulnerable to dry spells.  Sanford Water District is very fortunate to source its water supply from large groundwater aquifers in the glacial outwash plain, a very drought resilient source of water supply. These glacial deposits naturally treat and store vast quantities of water. During a second or third year of persistent dry conditions, the District may experience impacts.

The District does not anticipate asking for any water conservation measures or other restrictions this year. Customers should feel free to utilize water as normal.

For more information, customers are welcome to call the office at (207) 324-2312.

A screenshot from Sanford Water District’s control center showing the water levels on all their wells.
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