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City to Pursue Legal Action Against Owners of Blanchard Rd. Property

On October 20, the City Council voted unanimously to authorize Code Enforcement Officer Jamie Cole to serve civil process on Joseph T. Dunican and Ashley Carruthers, owners of the property at 277 Blanchard Road in Springvale. The property has been the subject of numerous complaints by neighbors for the past year.

Mr. Dunican and Ms. Carruthers operate The Baked Boxer LLC out of the property. The “About Us” page on the company’s website describes the business as “a Medical Marijuana shop and delivery service specializing in classes and baked experiences.”

The civil action comes after Mr. Dunican and Ms. Carruthers allegedly failed to act on a Notice of Violation issued by the City on June 23. According to the notice, violations include:

  • Operation of medical production facility without a license
  • Holding special events without City Council approval
  • Lack of certificate of occupancy for home occupation
  • Commercial growth, cultivation, processing, storage and sale of marijuana products on residential property without approval
  • Operating a campground without approval

Mr. Cole told the Council a second Notice of Violation would also be forthcoming.

Blanchard Road neighbors, including Aron Gonsalvez and Charlie Austin, have been pressing city officials to take action for the past several months. Mr. Gonsalvez has alleged there have been multiple events held on the property in the past year where more than 100 people were present. The Sanford Police Department has been called to the property numerous times for noise complaints, trespassing complaints and other issues related to these events.

On September 14, Police Chief Thomas Connolly sent Mr. Dunican and Ms. Carruthers a letter threatening police action, after another large event was reportedly planned. An outdoor event with more than 100 people present would violate the Governor’s Executive Order on limits to gatherings.

Ms. Carruthers was not available at press time to comment on this story, but in an email to the Sanford Springvale News, she alleged “intimidation tactics, forged documents, and….misuse of power” by the City, as well as “civilian harassment.”

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