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If you’ve noticed that parking spaces at the intersection of Main and Washington Streets have disappeared, Public Works Director Matthew Hill reports that is because they weren’t strictly legal to be there, due to proximity to the intersection. There are still several spaces available between the intersection and Roberts Street. Customers and employees of Garnsey Brothers Insurance and other businesses may also use the parking lot behind the building, which connects directly to Main Street by the walkway next to Frannie’s Mini Donuts.

And if you’ve heard that the city may be changing the name of either Grammar Street or Grammar Road, a decision on which one to change, or whether to change it at all, has been put off for now. Mayor Tom Cote has said that no change will be made until 2022 at the earliest. “We have way bigger fish to fry,” he added.

City officials are working on a FAQ about the new Emergency Ordinance to Alleviate Community Spread of Covid-19. As soon as it’s finalized, it’ll be posted on the city’s website. The full text of the ordinance is here.

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