Arrests and Summonses: December 16-31, 2022

Friday, December 16: A motor vehicle accident on Washington St. resulted in a 43-year-old Springvale resident being summonsed for operating after suspension with prior suspension (not OUI).

Saturday, December 17: Officers responding to a disturbance on Rushton St. arrested a 27-year-old Lewiston resident on charges of operating under the influence (no test), assault and operating with a suspended registration. A motor vehicle stop at High St. and Hardscrabble Way resulted in an arrest, no details given.

Sunday, December 18: Following a disturbance on River St., a 36-year-old Berwick resident was summonsed for terrorizing, then shortly afterward was arrested for operating under the influence (no test).

Monday, December 19: A 42-year-old Sanford resident was taken into custody after a motor vehicle accident on Main St. The charges were operating under the influence, operating without a license, violating condition of release, and leaving the scene of an accident.

Tuesday, December 20: A vehicle crash on Main St. led to a 36-year-old Wells resident being summonsed for operating with an expired license greater than 90 days. Sanford Fire Department also responded.

Wednesday, December 21: A 36-year-old Alfred resident was summonsed for operating with a suspended registration following a motor vehicle stop at Main and Emerson Sts.

Thursday, December 22: An arrest was made following a shoplifting report on Main St., no details given. Sanford Fire Department also responded.

Friday, December 23: Following a motor vehicle complaint at Main St. and James Ave., a 53-year-old Sanford resident was arrested for operating under the influence with a prior.

Saturday, December 24: A 22-year-old Sanford resident was summonsed for theft, criminal trespass, and violating condition of release following a report of shoplifting on Main St.

Sunday, December 25: Sanford Police responding to a domestic disturbance on Brook St. took a 39-year-old Sanford resident into custody for domestic violence assault.

Thursday, December 29: A domestic disturbance on Pleasant St. in Springvale resulted in a 28-year-old Sanford resident being arrested for domestic violence assault. A 28-year-old Sanford resident was summonsed for theft and assault following a shoplifting call on Main St.

Friday, December 30: Officers responding to a domestic disturbance on State St. arrested a 19-year-old Sanford resident for domestic violence aggravated assault with extreme indifference. Sanford Fire and EMS also responded to the call and provided hospital transport.

Saturday, December 31: A 33-year-old Wells resident was summonsed for criminal trespass following a disturbance on Welch Ln. A burglary on Mill St. in Springvale resulted in summonses to two people: a 32-year-old Sanford resident was charged with violating condition of release and criminal trespass, and a 32-year-old Acton resident was charged with criminal trespass.

This digest includes just a few of the calls Sanford Police responded to on these dates. The complete police logs, with names and addresses of those arrested and summonsed, can be viewed and downloaded on the city’s website here: